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At ASG I.T. Consulting, we put “service” back into customer service. We can help you focus on your customers and your business, not on your computers and network.

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Speed to responding

to customer requirements and timelines.



Economic efficiencies through total cost of ownership efficiencies.



Reliability through availability, performance, and security.



Visibility into application performance, MSAs, billings.



Integrity of customer’s Applications.



Control over the environments we manage for you.



End-to-End personalized customer care.




From an early age, I was fascinated with technology. I even found the limited technology of the 1970’s to be extremely interesting.  Through this fascination I discovered that I had a very strong aptitude for how computers worked and, in most cases, didn’t work. It wasn’t until after I was honorably discharged from the NAVY in 1990 that I began focusing on computers as a career.

I moved from Cambridge, Minnesota to Duncanville, Texas where I began working with a company that built Message Managers for Motorola. For those of you who were not around during the age of pagers, these were the computer systems that managed them. It didn’t take long before I was buying computer parts, putting together clone computers, and selling them to home users. My love of building computers from the ground up, and a natural ability for troubleshooting issues, landed me a job with a computer consulting company. I started out working on Compaq warranty repair issues and was able to turn the department into a revenue-producing part of the company.  From there I moved on to four other consulting firms, gathering knowledge, certifications, experience and, most importantly, building strong client relationships! After working in corporate America for so long and finding out that it was all about the bottom line and not so much about the clients and customers. I was determined to set out on my own. Most companies had moved their technical support over-seas and customer service was not service at all. Clients had become just revenue numbers.

I started ASG I.T. Consulting with a focus on relationships and long-term partnerships with our clients. Most of my clients I have known and grown with for over 13 years! We are focused on doing what is best for our clients, communicating with them along the way, whether they are growing, moving, or maintaining what they have. We are right there with them, helping them make educated decisions and navigating through the ever-changing world of technology.

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